10 Tips for Your Most Peaceful Holidays Ever

Holidays can be rough, right? And yet full of opportunities to count our blessings, relax with new and old friends, and reflect on the last year. How you approach this season will directly affect your enjoyment of it. Here are 10 tips to boost your inner peace and merriment.

1)  Make Time for Yourself. Whether it's watching Modern Family (my favorite) or taking a bath instead of a shower, find some "me" time for 5 minutes each day. A morning meditation practice is a great way to start.

2) Drink Two Cups of Decaffeinated Tea Daily (such as the Yogi Tea brand) to stay hydrated and warm. I love chamomille for its soothing qualities. Ginger and peppermint are great for digestion.

3) Set Your "Catch Up" Time. Letting email pile up can cause stress. Set aside a few hours on a Sunday to organize. Schedule the important upcoming tasks into your calendar. Find 24 other tools to de-stress in The Energized Executive.

4) Take a Journey, Literally, or In Your Mind. Try this Ocean Meditation or Earth Meditation especially when you feel overwhelmed or anxious.

5) Stretch Every Day. If you have a yoga practice, continue it. Or explore one of our 15 minutes videos to De-Stress or Go with the Flow at work or at home.

6) Stop and Smell the Roses (or essential oils). I love nutmegcinnamon, and the blend Abundance during this time of year. 

7) Give Online Gifts, to beat the stress of shopping, such as The Creative Executive ebook or gift cards to Kiva (my favorite way to empower entrepreneurs).

8) Practice Loving-Kindness Meditation. This is a simple technique of wishing yourself and others happiness, health, safety, and peace. Use it to soften your mood and your heart.

9) Make a Gratitude List. Writing out what you're grateful for decreases inflammation, boosts immunity, and helps you make more progress towards your goals.


10) Give Experiential Gifts, such as concert tickets, a massage, or a private yoga or coaching session. Research from the book Happy Money shows spending on others and spending on experiences are the two best ways to increase happiness.

Bonus Tip: Eat Mindfully. It's more important HOW you eat than what you eat. Learn how to savor each bite and change your relationship with food in thisRaisin Meditation