Holiday Fatigue? Yoga for Fuel in Your Tank & an Efficient Journey in 2015


In yoga we call it Ojas…it’s the wax of the candle, the fuel in our tank. “Nervous debility is caused by lack of stamina.”* So many of us are devoid of any fuel – and as soon as we have some, we readily spend it. Two years ago I took an amazing retreat in Maui – the day after I got back I worked 14 hours. Did I have to? No. But my body was conditioned to using every last bit of energy. Instead of maintaining a moderate level of vitality, I depleted my bank account each day.


The times I feel the strongest and most mentally alert, regardless of stress, are when I have a consistent breathing and meditation practice. Not only do these yoga tools stabilize the nervous system, but they also help us make better choices by becoming more self-aware. Instead of caffeine, cell-phone addiction and attachment to finishing my to-do list, I am more likely to get good sleep, set limits on social media and achieve strategic goals versus reacting to my inbox. In the Sutras we learn,


Vitality is a result of behaving in moderation – Sutra 2.38


Taking care of ourselves through yoga practices puts fuel in our tank and helps us to use it more wisely by choosing to be moderate – like a hybrid car.


Even 5 minutes a day of yoga, meditation or breathing techniques can revitalize and transform your energy levels. Try Martini Pose, Two-Part Breath or Earth Meditation each day for the next week and see how your energy levels shift up!


*Source: The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, translated by Satchidananda, 1978. p.138