10 Minutes to Change Your Entire Year

New Years = grandiose plans. Actual change = small daily steps. It's like trying to scale Everest without a route. 



1) Meditate (https://lnkd.in/bU9mi4Z) 3 MIN 

2) Visualize accomplishing your #1 achievement of the day. 2 MIN 

3) Identify the most important feeling of the day. 2 MIN 

4) Email yourself AS IF the day were already done* [Today I finished chapter 1 & felt focused] 1 MIN 

5) Take 1 step to build momentum even if you have to return to it later. 2 MIN 


10 minutes is enough. Trying to do it all is self-defeat & feeds the perfectionism monster;


*adapted from Elena Brower. For added POWER, copy 2 friends and hold each other accountable and cheer each other on with your daily predicted successes.