Who Says Business Can’t Be Creative? Flirting with Innovation – 10 Tips to Tease Out Your Creative Self

People value the creation of value…most top companies stay at the top through innovation, and continuing to respond to changing consumer needs. 


But we can easily get stuck in the numbers, the screens and the weeds. At this point of the year we’re like “bah humbug” to our New Years’ resolutions, perhaps feeling tired and restless. There is such a thing as “goal fatigue”. 


Break through resistance to sticking with your goals by going in the opposite direction. Arianna Huffington discusses this in her book Thrive, saying the best way to reach a goal is to drop it.


The key is to draw out your creative self – the one that sails past any resistance and flows around any obstacle. Give yourself time to play. Get creative and see your goals in a new light. Ironically the more playful I am when it’s hard to get where I want, the faster I get there. 


So how to spark chemistry between your business brain and your inner artist? How can we cultivate creativity when rigidity and resistance set it? It’s a little like dating. You want to flirt with your innovative inner executive – not control him or her. 


Here are 10 Tips for Teasing Out Your Creative Self:


1.      Unexpected – do something different each day this week…a different route to work is all it takes

2.      New – order something new for lunch, buy a new journal or pen

3.      Frivolous – yes, you heard me. I know business is “practical” but do something totally frivolous this week. It might be buying yourself flowers or the “frivolity” of taking an hour with your phone off (not silent, OFF)

4.      Playful – this goes without saying. Try a puzzle. Play with a pet.

5.      Sacred – listen to your breath. Peek in a church, synagogue or mosque, walk through a cemetery.

6.      Slow – tease yourself. Try to walk twice as slow to the water cooler. Speak more slowly.

7.      Physical – creativity literally resides in the hips, our reproductive area. Try hip circles in this Creativity Intro video.

8.      Natural – nature is inherently creative…look at the natural world around you in the snow, trees, flowers, waves, ice.

9.      Sensual – use your senses. This is a great way to bring you back into the present moment & give the brain a rest. Taste, touch, listen, smell.

10. Messy – remember finger painting, sand tables and foam parties? Do something messy – make a snow angel.

11. BONUSFluid – connect with water: take a bath, drink more water, gaze at a river or lake

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Be Messy,