How Do You Build Power and Empower Others?


We develop great skill as leaders when we stay focused, open to feedback and motivated to serve. This kind of discipline and stamina takes remarkable energy. To lead is to give of yourself for others to succeed. 

How can you cultivate your powerful "Inner Executive"? How do you unleash your highest potential?

While most people give up on their 2015 goals by January 17th, if you're reading this chances are good that you, like me, are addicted to transformation and growth. You still carry the spark to build a powerful year and overcome challenges.

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Did you know that twisting builds heat, which gives us the fuel to rise up and act with confidence? Watch this video to learn how to build your power.

Here are Four More Tools to Empower Your Inner Executive:


  1. Take up Space: Spread your arms wide, uncross your legs and sit or stand up tall.
  2. Use Your Core: Strength comes from the center part of the body – it’s where all our movements originate. Engage your core like wearing a muscular corset and move from a strong, stable center. Yoga is a great way to build core strength. Check out this Intense Yoga Core video from
  3. Breath of Fire (video): Activate your energy with this powerful breathing technique.
  4. Commit to a Daily Practice for 21 Days: The Practice Required to Reach and Stay at our Highest Potential Demands Commitment, Patience and our Full Attention. -- Sutra 1.14. See how strong you can be when you stick with something! It’s not external rewards that truly satisfy us, it’s our ability to do what we set out to do that gives us fulfillment.


With a strong sense of self we no longer need to control; we have the freedom to empower others, giving us back more energy to rise to new professional and personal heights.

Accepting pain as help for purification is a key tenant of yoga of action (Sutra 2.1)What challenge will you transform this week? 


For more tools on overcoming obstacles to your Highest Self, consider trying Executive Sutra coaching. I can help hold you accountable and support you in cultivating strength and discipline to take your leadership to the next level. Contact me at to set up a 20 minute sample call.


Be well and stay strong!