Strategic Thinking in the Time of Twitter

Do you have time to pour over strategic recommendations or are you trying to just get through this week with a clear head? For most leaders and entrepreneurs, strategic thinking is a luxury. They must think on their feet, and yet also stay connected to their intuition about customers and trends. 

Organizations increasingly look like a school of fish, not a hierarchy. And according to Walt Shill from Accenture:

"Strategy, as we know it, is dead. Corporate clients have decided that increased flexibility, creativity and accelerated decision making are much more important than simply predicting the future."

Who sets your company’s strategy and where is your business going? As I learned in his course at Harvard Business School, Clayton Christensen calls this adaptive approach an “emergent” vs deliberate strategy. Most innovative, high growth companies follow it.

Here are two tips to stay adaptively strategic amidst the rush of your inbox and pressures from investors:

Envision from Clear Perception: It’s hard to think of the big picture when our minds are muddy. Practice meditation for 10 minutes first thing each morning. Afterwards immediately set your day’s strategic imperatives. This is not your to-do list. These are the things you can lose sight of amidst the seemingly urgent.

Expand Your Awareness: Use visual patterns like fractals to tap into your pineal gland. This small gland in the center of the forehead help us process the world around us through our 5 senses. It is key to self-awareness and insight. Try this Visual Meditation from our Executive Sutra YouTube channel.

Find one more special tool on our Instagram account about “Eye Yoga” for setting a vision.

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Happy Envisioning!