WARNING: Only Read This if You’re Ready to Grow


I just recorded my favorite video so far in the launch of Executive Sutra – it’s all about Inspiration! We are attracted to leaders who inspire us with their stories, their wisdom, their journey; and for these leaders, we will do anything. 

What single thing creates unbelievable inspiration? The kind of inspiration that draws customers, fans, followers and dedicated employees? 

Discover your Core Purpose. At Harvard Business School, I took a course called Authentic Leadership Development, taught by the current dean, Nitin Nohria. The purpose of this class was to guide us as students to discover our True North, based on the book by HBS professor Bill George. Think of it as discovering your Inner GPS or your Inner Executive. Without your own True North, how will you effectively lead others?

Eight Questions To Ask Yourself in order to Inspire with Meaning:

·       What are my natural talents and gifts?

·       How do the dots connect in my past to set a path for my future? Get inspired by Steve Jobs’ speech here!

·       What do I love to do?

·       What are some of my life goals?

·       If I had unlimited time and money, I would…

·       My legacy will be…

·       What are my values? (mine are Passion, Service, Growth, Discovery, and Nature – a great tool was developed by Karl Bimshas, use it to discover your values)

·       What do I want people to say about me at my 80th birthday?

Journaling about these questions is a great way to peel back layers that may be hiding your core purpose and blocking your ability to inspire others. You can also try this silent meditation and the tools we’ll be posting all week on Executive Sutra social media.

How did you answer these questions? What did you find? Join the conversation and comment on these tools online, or send me an email at JessicaSchmidt@ExecutiveSutra.com.

My mission is to facilitate experiences of deep transformation and joy. This is why I started Executive Sutra. I support leaders of all kinds in discovering and living at their highest self, using innovative tools from Harvard, yoga, wellness and neuroscience.

Thank you for being a part of my journey! Here’s to many eureka moments, and to a life of Inspiration,