Office Love: Surprising Ways to Retain Your Employees

Love and business aren’t two words we typically bring together. Yet 60% of people left a job because of lack of appreciation according to a 2012 Gallup Poll. We can’t ignore the fact that business, in many ways, is human. 

Look at your team. Only one in four are actively engaged in what they do – 71% of our workforce is not engaged at work. 

Would you like to triple your team’s output? Get better at connecting with your employees.

Here are 3 Top Ways to Engage Your Team:

Discover their Language of Appreciation – Gary Chapman & Paul White have decoded how to appreciate and engage employees in this US News article

Show Compassion – people want to feel like they are seen, understood, valued. Practice this compassion (loving-kindness) meditation and watch it transform your relationships at work.

Practice Gratitude – this ancient practice builds happiness. When we appreciate what we, have the brain literally changes, according to the Science of Gratitude. Try one of these Gratitude Practices every day for 5 days. As you become happier your employees will mirror that too (we have mirror neurons and employees mirror their manager’s emotions)

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