The Most Powerful Four-Letter Words in Business

What has no place in business? And yet creeps into most conversations? What motivates us to work crazy hours at the expense of our health and relationships? What follow us like a shadow after our greatest successes?


Competition is based in fear. Working for a promotion, versus for the inherent joy in the work, is based in fear. What if we don’t have enough? What if we lose what we have? 

“Although our attainments may have brought temporary satisfaction, they are accompanied by inevitable fears of the possibility of loss” (from Yoga Sutra 2.15 translated by Carrera)

Strangely, the more successful we become, the more fear threatens to control us.

There’s a more powerful four-letter word for the workplace.


Here’s a pop quiz: Where would you rather work?

a)     Where I feel valued, appreciated and energized

b)     Where I feel manipulated, scared and panicked


“Everything is soul and flowering. I open and fill with love. And what is not love, evaporates” – Rumi

Fear-based business decisions do not work in the long term. Cajoling customers won’t win them over. But loving them will (hello Zappos, Apple and more).

How can you switch your motivating power, your inherent drive, to love? 

Through awareness and adjustment. This is the basis of meditation. Slow down enough to see things in a new way, and be more discerning with how you spend your time and energy moving forward. 

The most simple things are the hardest to do (lose weight, save money). Start with just 3 minutes a day, and find the tool that’s best for you: visualizationbreathsoundphysical movement from our Executive Sutra YouTube Channel.

I coach clients on how basic practices such as these can transform their workplace – find more tools on our social media or contact me to learn more.

With love,


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