What’s your biggest resource? It might surprise you!

We go to the bank and withdraw money and deposit money. It’s a currency we’re quite familiar with and think about often.

Yet what good is all the money in the world if you don’t have time? Smart companies now offer unlimited vacation for manager and above positions. Many employees would rather have more time off than a bigger bonus.

As companies wise up, and as people get turned on to passive revenue streams and more financial freedom, we have more time. However, what good is all the time in the world if you don’t have the energy, health or passion to enjoy it?

Your single, most important currency is actually your energy. Are you making a deposit or completely withdrawing your funds each day?

The ability to manage and amplify our own energy is key to success. With passion, we can accomplish anything. When lit up with core purpose, others follow us and clients find us easily. What once took ten hours to get through happens in ten minutes as we build the right team and resources.

According to yoga, the breath is the key to unlocking our vital energy. Our prana, or life force, is carried on the breath. When we’re invigorated, our breath is powerful. When sleepy or stressed, it’s shallow. 

“With awareness and harnessing of the breath, the veil over our inner light is destroyed.” – Sutra 1.55 by Carrera

Nothing is more important to your energy each day than your daily habit of meditation, exercise, journaling or breathing techniques. These clear out the unnecessary thoughts and tasks, provide clarity to your goals and motivations, and boost your energy. Our own inner light, purpose and passion then shines through!

I recommend my clients start with just 5 minutes a day, every day, of breath work. Simply sitting with and noticing the breath can shift your perspective and give you the stamina and foresight you need to make it a productive day. Try the 3-Dimensional breath or this HA exercisefrom our library of content on YouTube.

Fuel up with just a few breaths and harness your most precious resource!

Making some energy deposits today,


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