Whistle While You What?

Singing in the shower makes me happy…I feel lighter, more creative and inspired.  At our most enthusiastic, we express ourselves through singing, whistling, humming etc.

So, how do your employees know when you’re happy?

How do you let your employees express themselves at work?

The language of yoga, Sanscrit, is vibrational. It literally changes your energy and outlook through sound. 

Like the Seven Dwarfs, whistling while we work does make the work feel lighter.

Chanting (mantra) is part of the yoga tradition. It works on the principle that everything is vibration – if you want to change something, change your tune.

Use these tones to activate the energy you want to embody at work today – pick one and chant it 10 times:

Revitalize: LAM

Create: VAM

Empower: RAM

Lead from the Heart: YAM

Express: HAM

Envision: OM

Inspire: OM

Om is the expression of our highest self as reflected within and around us – Sutra 1.27

Om is the hum of the business of creation: the making, evolving and dissolving of beings and objects” – Carrera 

Not sure how to pronounce the words? Check out this funky & funtake on the seed syllables (bija mantra) for each of the above by MC Yogi. 

Also try our Mantra meditation or Bee’s Breath tool which both leverage sound for power.

I work with clients 1:1 to find the right tools for them – sound, visualization, breathing techniques and more are customized for your goals and living at your highest potential. Contact me for a sample 20 minute coaching call at JessicaSchmidt@ExecutiveSutra.com

Keep Whistling,


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