Ebook: The Energized Executive: How to Get Focused, Strong and Calm. 25 Easy Tools for Peak Performance in Business and Beyond. (Executive Sutra Leadership Series Book 1)


Ebook: The Energized Executive: How to Get Focused, Strong and Calm. 25 Easy Tools for Peak Performance in Business and Beyond. (Executive Sutra Leadership Series Book 1)


When was the last time you felt energized at work? Focused at the end of the day? Leading and living with a full tank of gas? 

We all want less stress and more success. We know we are better leaders and human beings when we harness our innate energy, respond nimbly and calmly to challenges, and begin each day focused. So how can we elevate our game? 

This book solves your personal and professional stress in a new and easy-to-implement way. It answers your questions on how to lead a more calm and focused life at work and at home. The Energized Executive: How to Get Focused, Strong & Calm is designed to resolve your daily energy management concerns in a concise and easy-to-read manner. This book is for people who suffer from stress, anxiety, and distraction and who know there is a better way to reach their full potential. 

As a Harvard MBA, former management consultant, and leader in Fortune 500 companies, Jessica know how it feels to be anxious and stressed. As a certified yoga teacher and executive coach, she also understands how easy it is to convert stress and anxiety into focus, strength, and calm. It is her passion to introduce you to these special tools and show you how to unlock hidden reserves of energy to reach your dreams in business and beyond. 

Executives, parents, managers, entrepreneurs, coaches, and many others have already experienced an increased sense of energy and focus by implementing the tips found in this helpful book. We are all leaders in our families, communities, and businesses. We all have unlimited capacity to create wealth and health for ourselves and others. 

If you follow the simple and practical tools below, you’ll have more focus, strength, and calm each day. Plus you’ll have more fuel to accomplish your dreams, create deeper connections with your friends and family, and end each day feeling healthy and strong. AND you’ll be able to convert your stress into new opportunities for personal growth and renewal. 

This is peak performance – living and leading at our best self, our highest potential, in every aspect of our lives. With technology, we can work and play almost anywhere. This new paradigm can be a pitfall, ridden with anxiety and distraction, or a supreme opportunity for higher fulfillment, deeper engagement and more fluidity in all we do. The secret lies in leveraging your own energy and getting focused. 

Be the kind of person who inspires others. Be the kind of person who says yes to a strong, calm and energized life. Say yes immediately. 

All you have to do to unlock more energy for a vibrant life and high-performance career is to purchase this book. Each chapter will offer new insight as you learn how to keep your energy from leaking out. Take control of your most precious resource. Scroll to the top of the page & click "BUY NOW."


"The Energized Executive is a practical guide to relieving the stress in your life written by someone who understands what it means to work in today's corporate environment. Schmidt's background as a business executive and transition into coaching, yoga, and meditation has made her uniquely suited to address the day-to-day needs of those of us in the business world. Her work here is concise enough to read on a flight and practical enough to revisit regularly for tips on managing stress, getting to sleep, breathing properly, and so much more. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to gain control of their stress." -- John Coleman, consultant

"As our current age struggles with the balance between hyper connectivity, stress and time management, Jessica has taken tools from a variety of disciplines to help those who struggle with managing a healthy and energetic life balance." -- Tara Steinke, Music Executive

"This Truly is changing the way I do business! I am more alert, able to close deals, and be a better boss to my team." -- Jeanne Blum, entrepreneur

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