Wonderful tools. Wonderful read. Having had the good fortune of spending some time with the author while still located on the West Coast, I can assure all Jessica is as true to her words as she is devoted to her students and clients.
— Brad Burnam, M.D. and healthcare CEO

Join the thousands of readers of The Energized Executive: 25 Easy Tools for Focus and Strength as you learn to harness your innate energy for increased vitality and calm. Perfect for leaders, entrepreneurs and anyone ready to convert stress and anxiety into peak performance so you can love your job.

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“How much more could we accomplish in our lives and in our work if burnout were no longer a factor? Thank you for this inspiring and inspired book!”
— Gillian Cilibrasi, director of Urban Zen
The Energized Executive is a practical guide to relieving the stress in your life written by someone who understands what it means to work in today’s corporate environment. Schmidt’s background as a business executive and transition into coaching, yoga, and meditation has made her uniquely suited to address the day-to-day needs of those of us in the business world. And her work here is concise enough to read on a flight and practical enough to revisit regularly for tips on managing stress, getting to sleep, breathing properly, and so much more. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to gain control of their stress and restore a sense of balance to his or her life.
— John Coleman, author, consultant

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